5 Questions I am often asked by Summit County Condo/Townhome Buyers 


The Summit County Real Estate market is Hot!   I tell my first time home buyers to just buy what they can afford and they can always upgrade later.  Prices continue to go up so it is a win, win when buying in Summit County. For instance last year I sold a 1 bedroom DVE condo for 117k and this summer I sold a 1 bedroom DVE condo for 167K. This type of appreciation is better than the stock market. Plus it is a real tangible asset, it’s a ski home so even if all the markets crash you still have a ski home - not just a piece of paper. There is always value in a ski home!


When it comes to the home buyers needs these are some questions I have been asked that I wanted to share with you to help you find that Happy perfect place for your family.


1) Where will I store my skis, Snowboard, Bike and Tent? We know the type of people that move here are very outdoorsy so it is important to look for a place with enough space for your gear. I have had clients make storage sheds on a patio to hide some of that extra gear. Make sure the HOA is ok with this first. I have also seen bikes hung vertically or upright in closets. Many condo complexes do have ski lockers so ask the HOA. 


2)  Is there  plant of space for an outdoor area? You don't have to worry so much about this because in Summit we have so much open space and so many trails to hike on, lots of parks plus we are surrounded by National Forest.  We have a bike path that connects all of the county including Keystone, Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Copper Mountain and even Vail. The time and cost of maintaining a yard can be quite a headache. So what many of my clients prefer is having a home with less outdoor space, like a condominium or townhouse, but that is within walking distance of a playground or park or trails. Not sure what the difference is between a condo and townhouse? I can explain it to you. 


3) What about commuting to work and the roads? Good news when the weather is really bad you can take advantage of our FREE bus service to get to work or the ski area. Also we have the more snow plows and snowplow drivers than just about any place in the world. As soon as it starts snowing they start plowing. Remember the ski areas don’t make money unless skiers can get there. Sure the interstate leading to Summit County may get closed but normally the roads within the county are well taken care and once you are here it is no problem getting around. Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive works great but occasionally 4-wheel drive is nice if they have not plowed your driveway and you don’t want to shove the drive. Once you get on the road though you are usually good to go!


4) Are pets allowed? Great question and something to always ask about since some HOA's do not allow pets. Most allow homeowners to have pets but do not allow your tenants to have pets if you renting your unit out. If you are bringing Fido or any furry friend ask about it. In general Summit County is very pet friendly and many businesses allow and even welcome dogs at your work but check with the HOA before buying.


5) Are there stores nearby? No matter how good you are at stocking your pantry and medicine cabinet, Its inevitable that at some point, you’ll run out of milk eggs and toilet paper at the worst possible time or need to pick up medicine. Having a grocery store or pharmacy nearby will save you time and stress—especially if it’s open late. Breckenridge, Frisco, and Dillon all have grocery stores and Silverthorne has a large Target. There are also several convenient store around. Good idea to stock up as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Call me And I will help you find your Happy Place to call Home!